There are several youth groups of different faith denominations in the United States are keen on traveling into distant places when it comes to mission trips, such as mission trips for youth. If you want to build orphanages in a specific community or you want to minister to street kids in another area or you want to construct a housing village in a nearby community, each of these short term mission trip ideas can be a unique opportunities for the youth to get a chance to serve the environment which takes them out of their location and forces them to examine their lives in the global context. If you are a youth pastor who are planning any of these summer mission trips, this article discusses some ways and discussions to turn your mission trip into success.


First, it is important to define your goals but determining what you are hoping to accomplish. Know whether your energy will be focused on ministry and outreach or you will be concerned on something more internal among your students to promote spiritual growth. Also, you would always want you team to improve to serve others but your responsibility as a leader should let you know what your priorities are so you can be able to take all your resources and spend for them most effectively.


Next is to correspond your mission trips for youth into your long-term strategy. Never look for an easy location where you can easily take the youth out and in. There are various opportunities available to you, interact to your students and volunteers and be able to make yourself a commitment to an organization that can achieve  your goals and values. This commitment will let you develop special interaction with your partner and with the ministry throughout the year. If you can develop a long-term bond with your group, you an even make an enriching fundraising campaign with your opportunity.



Next is to coordinate with someone living within the area. One thing that you can do is to be able to pick out a native or missionary in the location that you want to visit and as for what they want to achieve. Aside from these serious deals, you can also ask them about places for leisure and taking a break. Is there a need for some papers to be processed? These are just some of the things that you can ask the local in the place you are going to visit. Get details on this at http://www.ehow.com/info_7804664_icebreaker-games-mission-trips.html


Each and every teen mission trip is totally unique however, most of the steps done in preparing for a successful journey remains the same. Here are a few things that you need to take into account when planning for such.




Number 1. Ask people to join the team - start on talking to members at least several months before the very first mission trip meeting to request them pray on joining you. Here are more youth summer mission trip ideas.


Number 2. Schedule a trip information meeting - better yet, you may want to schedule multiple times for those to attend and follow up with some reminders through text, social media posts, emails or texts.


Number 3. Set deadline for the applications - this is basically your chance to collect information on each and every participant who want to join similar to past mission experience, contact information, spiritual gifts, personality traits, testimony and so on.


Number 4. Make a group site for the team - this has to be a place online in which team members could post photos, communicate with each other, ask questions, save and download documents with trip information and the likes. Check this out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dennis-j-horton-phd/shortterm-mission-trips-a_b_866197.html.


Number 5. Hold team preparation meetings - keep in mind that people are pretty busy and be sure that you keep your meetings purposeful and focused to be sure that the participants attend each one.


Number 6. Create a list of the important contact info - team members could actually leave it with family members just before they head out.


Number 7. Make a blog - this is an online place in which the team members are able to posts photos and even updates for family members and sponsors before, during as well as after the mission trips for young adults.


Travel Logistics



You have to apply for passports and thus, you have to encourage all team members who don't have one to apply for it the moment they joined the team. Oftentimes, processing the passports can take 4 to 6 weeks and a lot faster when expedited. You may also want to book tickets in advance. In this regard, it is best to work with a travel agent to help you secure tickets few months ahead to be sure that your team get the best travel dates and prices. It'll be wise if you are going to create a list of travel trips too. You better include helpful information regarding appropriate dress, unique cultural norms, keeping valuables safe and everything in between to which the team has to know.


What would you do if you found something that can open the eyes of a person, can soften their hearts and change lives? This is actually the question that entered the mind of a pastor when he saw the benefits of mission trips. There are a lot of organizations that offers mission trips to teenagers during summer. We believe that mission trips should be experienced by every teenager. For over twenty years now, we have seen the benefits of mission trips to a lot of teenagers.


Here are the benefits of mission trips:


A. Mission trips help widen perspectives.


Are you planning a youth mission trip? Teenagers know's what is happening to the world because of the internet, however they do not how to live in small town in America or in another country that is below poverty line. If you put teenagers in a place where they are not comfortable they will be able to understand that their is something bigger than their own lives. If they understand the situation then they will be able to know what they really need to focus on.


B. Mission trips can help in bringing youth groups together.


Did you experience going on a student retreat, then you must know that it can build a community. Together is a very powerful word and this is actually what happens in mission trips for youth or in retreats, teenagers will be able to play together, eat together, get tired together and stay up late together. The mission trip will keep teenagers work together, like spreading the word of God and many more.  


C. Mission trips can help challenge and remove comfort zones.


Mission trips make sure that all of the teenagers participate in the trip. The comfort zone of teenagers will be removed when they will get to serve a meal, sleep on an air mattress, experience new culture and play with other kids.


D. Mission trips help in empowering students and teenagers.


God is really doing excellent work through the Church. Teenagers also contribute in the church by bringing their passion, energy, authenticity and their fresh perspective. Mission trips can help teenagers take initiative and ownership. The trip will open their eyes.


E. Mission trips can also create a sacred space.



Before Israelites made monuments by just throwing big rocks, "This shows God's faithfulness in our nation." For a lot of teenagers, mission trips is the time where they can realize and understand how God has worked in their lives. Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/user/ywam